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iLuv Bubble Gum Air Overview

Experience true audio freedom with the Bubble Gum Air True Wireless In-Ear Earphones from iLuv. These earphones have no cables to get in the way and are designed to stream clear audio from a Bluetooth-compatible device. If you pair the Bubble Gum Air earphones with a smartphone, you can also enjoy stereo hands-free calling via the built-in microphone and tap controls. Getting the earphones paired to your devices is designed to be a stress-free process thanks to built-in voice guidance.

When set up, the Bubble Gum Air earphones can provide you with hours of audio entertainment. They deliver up to 3 hours of power and an additional three recharges via the included charging case. The in-ear earphones are also rated IPX6 for resistance to heavy splashes and rain, making them ideal for the office or gym. Regardless of where you use them, the earphones come with three different-sized pairs of eartips to help ensure a comfortable experience.

Smart Pairing

The earphones automatically switch on and pair with the last paired Bluetooth device as soon as you remove them from the charging case.

Auto Pause

When out of Bluetooth range, the earphones will automatically pause and then reconnect when you're back within range of the device.

Additional Features

Magnetic contacts to help prevent falling out of the case
Compatible with Android and iOS devices
LED indicator

iLuv Bubble Gum air Ear Phone

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