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#10 Brown Envelopes

  • Standard #10 envelopes for correspondence and business or direct mail

    This Staples envelope commonly holds folded letter-sized pages and is appropriate for mailing documents of all types. Contents are sealed inside with its gummed v-shaped flap edge which is secured with moisture. This item contains 500 envelopes in a s turdy box. Dimensions of 4 1/8 by 9 1/2 inches fit folded letter-sized paper. Plain brown, 22-pound paper stock features a clean background for writing and labeling for any documents meant to be sent by mail or messenger. Other contents can also be ea sily secured inside.

    • Standard #10 envelope for correspondence or professional use
    • Brown, 24-pound paper stock
    • 4 1/8"H x 9 1/2"W #10 envelope fits folded letter-sized paper
    • Gummed edge forms a secure seal
    • Box of 500

    Ideal for use in the home or office, these Staples V-flap envelopes are perfect for mailing letters and other correspondence. Constructed of clean white woven paper, these Staples envelopes offer a professional presentation, while a durable, high-quality construction ensures the safety of each envelope's contents. Bulk packaging lets you save time and money associated with repeat supply orders. 

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