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About Us

Protocol Tech Limited is an established multi-faceted company with expertise in security systems installation and servicing. Our company is also a licensed distributor of stationery, computer products, office and general supplies that are vital for the daily operation of a successful business. 


 Our primary aim is to provide computer products and services to organizations and companies to facilitate the efficient application of Information Technology. The company’s key activities comprise of supply, design and installation of all types of computer accessories, networking, security surveillance systems, stationery and general office supplies. These include; Wireless networks, LAN switches, WAN/VPN routers, IT Security, Structured Cabling and UPS products, IP Cameras, door access systems, books, pencils, papers, office furniture, toner cartridges, copy papers etc. With over 500 products to choose from, delivered free, next day, direct to your door, desk or warehouse.


Our future outlook will be strongly influenced by further advances in technology, including biometrics such as iris scanning and fingerprint recognition for access control. It can be said with confidence that if you may require electronic security installation and related services for your commercial premises, Protocol tech Ltd will be there with the latest technologies and solutions and sound advice on what you really need to achieve your objectives in a cost-effective way.


Protocol Tech Limited employs qualified and innovative individuals who have the necessary skills and years of experience to respond to today’s challenging IT needs. Our company is motivated by exceeding customer expectations as well as providing exceptional customer service.

It is our job to ensure that our customers have access to the very latest technology and, even more importantly, that they can get well-informed advice on what will suit their situation best.  We have a reputation for honesty and reliability and we believe the relationship with customers should be one of partnership, built on trust.

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